Postermaps Oxford in Display Stand


The Oxford Postermap was designed and illustrated by Nick Gibbard and first published in 1987.

It took over 3 years to complete the illustration. When Nick started the project at the age of 22 he was sure that it would have taken just 6 months to complete.

Lack of photographic reference was the first hurdle, having to borrow a camera, charter light aircraft three times and even climbing a crane to get enough information to complete the map.

Over 700 photographs were taken at different heights and directions which were cobbled together into a black & white line illustration using pencil & ink on gesso, then using a scalpel to scratch back.

Living in Cornwall, Nick used supplement his income by drawing cartoons and selling paintings to fund the Oxford map until he eventually printed the first 10,000 in 1987.

It is still a popular seller today retailing in most tourist outlets in Oxford city centre and with many internet booksellers.

The map is now digitised and this complicated illustration is constantly being updated.The latest folded edition printed in August 2011 has an extra 15% added to the width.